Dallas, TX. 75001

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Artist's Statement

Fran Hillyer


My life as an artist began with a drawing class at Brookhaven Community College. I found that my most interesting subjects were people riding on public transportation all over the world. I call my work “Public Spaces, Private Places,” because I am fascinated by the way people retreat into themselves when they are in anonymous crowds. These paintings are actually composed of two parts: 1) finding and photographing the subject and 2) rendering that subject in oil on canvas. The drama in my “subway people” never fails to call me into their mysteries.


Before I painted, I taught Upper School English at the Episcopal School of Dallas for almost thirty years. During that time, I earned a Ph.D. in Humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas. I also have an M.A. in English from Bowling Green State University and a B.A. in Psychology from DePaul University. Currently, I am working on an M.F.A. at Queens University in Charlotte, North Carolina. I am also currently working on my first novel.



                                                                   March 17, 2017