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 Joe Mills Bio


Joseph E. Mills has been producing original art work for most of his life, but it is only recently that he has been creating art for sale. His work reflects the abstract modernist sensibility he has been attracted to all his life. Joe has been a high school English teacher and a clinical professor of Internal Medicine. He is also a poet, and the loving husband of artist and writer Fran Hillyer.


Joe has been inspired by a plethora of artists from different places and times in history. However, no one's work holds more significance than the poetry and paintings of his late twin brother, John B. Mills.

Artist's Statement

Customarily, I paint small, not huge, working mainly in acrylic. I not infrequently use appliqué (~ collage) technique. Of personal and artistic interest to me are tensive relationships - between two people or two things, e.g., order/disorder, mind/body, caritas/cupiditas, freedom/constraint, box open/box closed. My “tools” include point, line, plane, shape, color, composition, and such surfaces as paper, cardboard, canvas, masonite, glass, wood, et al. Among my various implements are brush, marker, “sharps” and of course, fingertips. Almost all of my paintings either explore or reveal (in some rudimentary way, I hope) what I’ve written here. I also believe in the absolute value of the triad (“threeness”), for, to my way of thinking, it is the third element that can reconcile and complete the two poles of the dichotomy.                                                                                                                                                          Joseph E. Mills   2017